Our Services

  • We Check For Medication Interactions 


    At Echo Pharmacy, all prescriptions are checked for interactions when they are filled.  Some over-the-counter preparations may also interfere with prescription medicines.  We urge you to discuss this our Pharmacists. We are always available to speak with, answer questions or give you any information that you may need.  


    Delivery Services


    Echo Pharmacy offers free delivery to all local residents with prescriptions over $10.00 and within 10 miles of our Miller Place, New York location


    Pet Prescriptions


    Echo Pharmacy can  fill your pet's prescriptions, household and other small pets, birds, reptiles and exotics at the lowest possible prices. 


    Compounding Medications

    • Compounding is the art and science of preparing and creating customized medications. Echo Pharmacy compounds a wide variety of medicines into different dosage forms; including liquids, capsules, creams, suppositories, lozenges and lollipops. We work together with you and your physician to find the solution for your personal needs. Whether it is flavoring a medication, making it sugar and dye free or changing a tablet into a liquid or cream, we can help.

    • Examples of compounded medication needs:
      When a child who needs a liquid version of a medicine in order to take it easier or a medicine that has been flavored to make it more palatable.

    • Making a medicine that may have been discontinued or is in short supply due to manufacturing problems.

    • Natural hormone replacement therapy

    • We can make different dosage forms including tablets to liquids, topical creams, lozenges, ointments, lollipops and more.

    • Pain medication for many conditions including fibromyalgia, foot pain, neuropathy, back pain, arthritis, & injuries

    • Medication for special needs including autism.

    • Making medication for animals; tablets, liquids, eye drops, creams and flavored treats.

    • We also custom flavor and make medicine dye free, gluten free, sugar free, and preservative free.



    Home Care Center


    Echo Pharmacy has created a complete homecare showcase to fulfill any of your needs.  We strive to bring you the newest in technology and pain management therapies. We are fully stocked with mobility equipment, incontinence supplies, wound care, diabetic and orthotic shoes & mastectomy items.  We are a Medicare* and Medicaid provider and will do the paperwork for you.   We will deliver and set-up for you (free within 10 miles). 

    *We are not participating in Medicare Competitive Bidding program


    At Echo Pharmacy, we have a Certified Diabetic Educator available for your assistance.  Our pharmacists are knowledgeable and helpful. We can provide comprehensive individual assistance with glucometers, strips, lancets, insulin, syringes, medications, diet and exercise. 


    Wellness Center


    Echo Pharmacy is staffed with many professionals that can help you find the solution to your specific needs.  We have Pharmacists that are knowledgeable about vitamins and wellness products.  We also have a Registered Dietitian/Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist and a Certified Diabetic Educator on staff.