We are a Compounding Pharmacy


At Echo Pharmacy we understand that each patient has special needs, and unique likes and dislikes. We provide customized medications. Some of the challenges we have encountered places the emphasis on making medications not just palatable, but tasty. We believe this helps everyone from a child to an adult all the
way to the family pet. Sometimes, the way a medicine tastes can seriously interfere with compliance.

The Echo Pharmacy flavoring choices plus our ability to re-flavor helps to make things better for all.

Giving medication to children can go from a stressful event to a pleasant experience. At Echo Pharmacy you can choose from one of our 100 different flavors (bubblegum, marshmallow, grape, strawberry etc.). Working together with your doctor, we can even make tablets and capsules into a flavorful liquid, change the dosage form – to a”gummy square,” lollipop, freezer pop or lozenge!

Ever tried to give a cat a pill it doesn’t want to take? Some animals will take the medicine better than others. At Echo Pharmacy we have a large selection of flavors for your pet. Ranging from tutti-frutti for a bird, tuna for a cat, or black angus steak for a dog we can pretty much meet any need for a favorite flavor your pet may have. If liquids don’t work
we have options available such as treats that can be flavored, or transdermal creams that can be applied to the inside of the ear. Several studies have proven the efficacy of transdermals in animals with proven benefits and reduced side
Flavoring is an art and there is no substitute for experience when it comes to transforming the taste to meet the many individual preferences. Add to this the artistic element and creative capability of the compounder and you have the science a compounder needs to make the correct flavor choices while still respecting the chemical characteristics of
the medicine that is being flavored.


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