Dental Compounding

At one time or another we have all felt the anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist. The drills, the painful cavities and unpleasant fears associated with these visits are mostly from our past.


Today’s dentistry is streamlined, painless
and continues to be a vital part of our health.


One of the best tools to offset these fears is pharmacy compounding. At Echo Pharmacy, compounded medications can lessen the physical discomforts involved in a trip to the dentist and help ease the patient’s anxiety.


Due to its variety of patients, dentistry is an ideal arena for compounded medications. From an eight-year-old getting a cavity filled to an eighty-year-old getting fitted for dentures, each patient is unique and may benefit from customcompounded


Working closely with a compounding pharmacist, todays dentist can prescribe medications for:
– Procedural anxiety
– Pain Relief
– Dry Socket
– Flouride
– Gum Disease
– Plaque Removal
– Oral Ulcers
– Canker Sores
– Tooth Whitening
– Lip Balms


Many times standard medical treatment does not always meet the patients needs. Some of the options available to dentists can be limited with the one size fits them all mentality with standardized drug dosages. Compounding allows the pharmacist, dentist and patient the ability to customize the dosage. For example we can prepare a transdermal medication to alleviate nausea, when swallowing a pill becomes impossible for the patient.


Patients who suffer from anxiety over receiving needles may receive a topical anesthetic to allow for painless dental injections.


At Echo Pharmacy we can make many other creative solutions such as pastes, lip balms, medicated lollipops and liquids.


Flavored Medication
As your dentist works in your mouth, taste buds are very close by and – some dental rinses, solutions and gels have
an unpleasant flavour. At Echo Pharmacy we can help the medicine taste better without changing its vital properties and performance. For instance, a bitter pain reliever can be enhanced with chocolate or marshmallow flavor to make