Pediatric Compounding

Over the years, we have encountered many situations where compounding has been an effective solution.


Swallowing issues:
Many times, we hear that a child can’t take pills, but we can compound a medication into a different dosage form, for example:

– liquids that can be flavored
– lollipops
– lozenges
– topical gels & more


What happens when a child is sick with nausea and vomiting?
We can compound a medication into a suppository or dosage form that would be tolerable. We work closely with you, your physician and child to find an effective solution for many conditions including:

– Pain relief
– Malabsorption
– Thrush
– Skin conditions
– Cold sores
– Diaper rash


Many children with special needs can be helped when we make medications SUGAR FREE, DYE FREE, GLUTEN FREE and PRESERVATIVE FREE