Sports Medicine

Physical activity, whether playing competitive sports or just the weekend warrior, places the body under undue stress. Repetitive motion, overuse injury and exhaustion all play a role in contributing to the need to recover and heal. Sports medicine or activity that requires all out physical effort can benefit from sports medicine compounding.


Just as there are different body types that can benefit from different types of activities, compounding can be customized to maximize the specific body types and different activities that need rehabilitation and time to heal. Compounding can help to speed up healing time by targeting specific areas known as trigger points
to get the optimal effect.


Transdermal creams can be prepared by Echo Pharmacy’s compounding pharmacist who will work together with the prescriber and the athlete. Whether professional athlete or weekend warrior we help you to get the most benefit in the shortest time and be able to go back out and do it again.


At Echo Pharmacy our compounding pharmacist understands the physical demands of being athletic, having been a competitive athlete and marathon runner himself. Let us help you get better faster so that you can return to do what you love best.