For professionals and pet owners


We love our pets! We want the best care possible for them. We can help you and your pet by providing a customized medication solution to fit their unique needs.


Animals can be very difficult to treat with medication. Compounding can make medicating animals easier with flavored chews that animals readily accept.


How difficult is it to get your cat to swallow a pill? Medication compounded into a transdermal form by making it into a topical cream or gel that can be rubbed into the ear and absorbed effectively, can be the answer.


This is a great option in compounding. Cats love tuna, dogs love liver, birds cannot take large volumes of liquids but can accept a tasty, fruit-flavored concentrated solution.
We can compound medications for many different animals including:

– Rabbits
– Birds
– Ferrets
– Geckos and other reptiles
– Other exotics
– Cats and dogs


Sensitivity Issues
Compounding can be a solution for sensitivity issues in animals. There are occasions when an animal may be sensitive to specific ingredients. For example, many animals may not tolerate an ingredient, such as lactose, which may be found in many
manufactured products.


Our caring compound pharmacists work closely with you and your veterinarian to find a delicious, easy-to-give dosage form that your pet will readily accept.