How safe is your sunscreen?

0 3 June 2015

    Summer is here and the sun has been strong!  We have all been advised to use sunscreen protection. This should be a last resort, after using hats and sunglasses and finding shade whenever possible. But this isn’t always possible, so we go to the store to purchase a suncreen. There are so many sunscreens available today and so much hype, it is so easy to be overwhelmed when trying to choose one.  Should we buy one just for our face and another for our body? How high should the SPF be? Should be get a spray or lotion? So much to consider when trying to make a choice! Beware of higher SPF’s, they can lure you into feeling that you do not need to apply sunscreens often. It has been written that an SPF over 50 is not recommended. Chemical sunscreens may contain:

  • Endocrine disrupting chemical sunscreens including Oxybenzone,
  • Oxybenzone may also mimic and alter reproductive hormones and possibly affect endometriosis.
  • Oxybenzone may be even more strongly estrogenic than BPA.
  • Retinyl (Vitamin A) may possibly promote carcinogenic activity on the skin when exposed to the sun.
  • Fragrance, a compound of hundreds of chemicals (many of which are parabens and phthalates)

Mineral sunscreens may be more beneficial: The minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, act as a physical barrier, reflecting the sun’s rays, and a

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0 21 January 2015

Did your prescription plan change?  Did your co-pays increase? Did you lose your insurance plan? In January, most health insurance plans are renewed. That may mean changes that may affect your prescription benefits; either higher co-pays, non-coverage of items that are not on that particular plan’s formulary or you just cannot afford the premiums any longer.  Whatever it may be, Echo Pharmacy remains sensitive to the needs of our customers! Did you know that Echo Pharmacy has it’s own Generic Prescription Plan?  Echo Care Generic Prescripton Plan We have over 300 prescription medicines on our plan that you can access- even if you do not have health insurance or prescription benefits!  We can offer you HUGE savings!  A 90 day supply of the generics on our plan is just $20.00, a little less than $7.00 each month! If your co-pay has gone up and is now $10.00 on some of your prescriptions, then it is time to ask us about our Echo Care Generic Prescription Plan.  We can help you save money. What about Prior Approvals? This seems to be a huge issue now and it can take quite some time for this to be taken care of.  With Echo Care Generic Prescription Plan – there are no Prior Approvals.  No Hassels, no phone calls, just easy and convenient! What other value does Echo Pharmacy bring to you when you come to our pharmacy? How ab

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0 11 November 2014
Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, according to It’s no wonder that everywhere you turn during the month of October your surroundings have turned pink in support of breast cancer awareness! Breast cancer is an especially sensitive issue here on Long Island as breast cancer rates are higher than the rest of the nation.
Although there is still no cure, there are many treatment options to be discussed with a physician. Should a mastectomy be the treatment of choice, Echo Pharmacy can be a great resource for you. Immediately following surgery you will have a bandage(s) covering the surgical site as well as a drain(s) from the breast and/or underarm to remove fluid and blood from the surgical site. Our caring pharmacists can assist you when purchasing bandages, gauze and any other wound care supplies you may need. Of course, our pharmacists can also answer all questions about cancer treatment medications and pain relievers as well.