Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My child is on an antibiotic but refuses to take it because it tastes terrible. Can you help me?
A. Yes, we can flavor children’s medicine…grape, bubble gum, even coconut, over 48 flavors. Many times, we can flavor over the counter remedies that taste yucky!


Q. My veterinarian prescribed anti-seizure medication for my dog and I can only get it from a mail away pharmacy and I need it soon. How can I get it fast?
A. We regularly stock many items just for pets. Many veterinarians are referring people to have their prescriptions filled by us, because we have the medicines that they need and we can fill them right away. We can also flavor your pets medicine, ever hear of tuna-flavored zithromax or angus beef flavored dilantin? Or how about topical creams and lotions that you pay so much for?! We can make these and many times, we can save you money!


Q. I am a senior citizen on a limited income and I need to fill my prescription for Tenormin, but my copay is $25.00. Is there anything I can do?
A. Yes, we will discuss any generic equivalents available for your prescriptions, if your doctor does not specify for the brand name item. The generic equivalent for Tenormin is atenolol and not very costly. Our cash prescription price is low, as a matter of fact, a 90 day supply is less than $10.00. We can save you more than $15.00. We also invite you to call for quotes on cash prescriptions prices, we may be able to save you $$$$.


Q. My children’s vitamins have a copay of $10.00 for 30 tablets and I come back every month for a new supply…with a new copay, is there anyway I can get a larger supply?
A. Yes, at Echo Pharmacy, we will look at your prescriptions and if we can you offer you better prices, we will let you know immediately. In this case, we can offer you a bottle of 100 tables of Children’s Multivitamins for less than $20.00, even less money than your copay would be.


Q. My doctor prescribed Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy? Do you have this?
A. Yes, it is one of our special services, along with flavoring and compounding. We can make prescription natural hormones; special suppositories if you are sick and can’t take medicine orally; capsule items, creams, lotions, cough syrups, mouthwash, etc. Just call or contact us for more information.


Q. I need a cough medicine. Can you tell me which one is the best?
A. There are many different types of coughs and different medicines to treat each type. There are cough suppressants or cough expectorant, liquids, tablets, etc. At Echo Pharmacy, we are going to take the time to listen to you, ask you questions and offer advice to help meet your needs. You’ll even find that we’ll walk the aisles with you to help choose the product that may work well for you.


Q. My doctor wants me to take cholesterol medicine, but I am reluctant after hearing about so many side effects. Is there anything else I can take?
A. We can’t prescribe because we are not doctors, nor do we have your health history, but we have many people that are using natural vitamin therapy depending upon their cholesterol values. Some of the medical professionals locally have been using Fish Oil (eicosapentonoic acid, or Omega 3 fatty acids, alone or with a combination of Omega 6’s and/or Omega 9’s), CoEnzyme Q10, Niacin, etc. with some success. Come in, we have a Registered Dietitian on staff and our Pharmacists are all very knowledgeable. Please ask us about this, we will be happy to share our information.


Q. I’ve heard that prescriptions from the chain drug stores are less expensive. Is this true?
A. No, most of the time, our prices are significantly less than the chain drug stores. Our cash prices can save you 50% or more, without insurance. Come in and speak with our pharmacists.